By Hannah Langston

Support for March for Men

In continuation of our support and helpful guidance on 9 well recognised Health & Wellbeing events, we look to our next awareness day ‘March for Men’. Why March for Men? Because prostate cancer has now overtaken breast cancer to become the 3rd biggest cancer killer in the UK, taking 1 man every 45 minutes*

A study by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) found that men are much less likely than women to take advantage of primary care services. They are also unwilling to consult a pharmacist face-to-face or seek treatment when sick.

According to the same study, men visit their GP 4 times a year compared to 6 times for women. On average they visit a pharmacy 4 times a year compared with 18 for women. More men than women admit that their understanding of medicines is poor, and they are twice as likely to take a new prescription medicine without first reading the patient information leaflet or seeking professional advice.

The review also found that nearly 9 in 10 men do not like to trouble a doctor or pharmacist unless they have a serious problem. As a result, men are less likely to access disease screening or seek professional support for healthy-living initiatives such as stop smoking schemes.

What can we do to support:
• March the Month – Prostate Cancer UK are challenging people to ‘March the Month’ by walking 11,000 steps a day in September – the same amount of men who die each year of prostate cancer – to get fit and also raise money for the cause see to get involved!
• Book an awareness stand / talk with Prostate Cancer UK –
• On-Site Health Assessments – Consider engaging a provider to conduct on site health assessments. These assessments give employees valuable information relating to their health along with areas to focus on and how they can make changes to improve their health. Stratton HR can link you to suitable providers – get in touch if you’re interested

The team at Stratton HR will be supporting March the Month (a bit earlier) by seeing who in the team can complete 11,000 steps per day (or as near as possible!). We will be making a team donation to Prostate Cancer UK to take part and whoever does the most steps in March will get an extra days annual leave – now that is an incentive!

What should I do next?
If you’re interested in focusing on the Health & Wellbeing of your employees this year, then get in touch to find out how Stratton HR can create and help execute a plan for doing so. Or just follow us on Linked In and keep up to date with ideas and suggestions of how to improve your employee experience and make a positive impact on productivity within your business

Where can you find more information?
Prostate Cancer UK –
Cancer Research UK –

*Source –