By Hannah Langston

Why outsource your HR maternity cover?

Covering maternity leave for any role is always a challenge, and HR positions can prove particularly so. How to find and extract value from the right mix of skills and experience to provide consistency of HR practice as well as delivering valuable organisational or HR advice to the senior team in a compacted timeframe is a big ask. Too often there is a compromise of convenience over capability.

Stratton HR provides SMEs with a flexible option for covering maternity leave, with a highly experienced team who can fit seamlessly into the organisation either on or off-site. Spreading the budget of one employee across our team ensures a quicker and more effective response targeting point of need. Our HR professionals can provide the right mix of skills for every situation and ensure that your business gets what it needs when it needs it.

We understand the pressures of senior management teams and know that recruiting and managing temporary staff can be distracting as well as time-consuming. Using our HR support team for maternity cover ensures absolute continuity for the business without any additional management time. We can service the broadest range of requirements as and when they arise and also provide access to additional expertise to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

Unexpectedly early commencement dates, extended leave and organisational disruption are just some of the issues businesses may have to deal with when it comes to managing maternity obligations. Having our team ready to provide cover gives your business, your staff and the affected employee certainty and stability. Maternity leave can be unpredictable but maternity cover doesn’t have to be.

Why outsource your HR maternity cover to Stratton HR?

  • Continuity and stability for your business
  • An HR team rather than one person
  • The expertise you need when you need it
  • Flexible resource to start and end as required
  • No disruption to business plans

‘The team at Stratton HR are very professional subject matter experts who made an immediate impact in ensuring our HR function was fit for purpose. They provided a variety of experience that meant they were able to deal with multiple business challenges, supporting the business through significant change and restructuring in a fast moving environment. The team are a safe pair of hands and a trusted advisor who added real value to the business through our HR activities and I would certainly recommend them’
– Greg Michael, Former Group CEO of Valldata

To find out more about how your business can benefit from outsourcing its HR maternity cover to Stratton HR get in touch with our Head of HR Support, Hannah Langston. Take a look at the HR Support services we offer to see how we can add real value in helping your business to grow.