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On Your Feet Britain!

Friday 26th April marks On Your Feet Britain and our third event of the year dedicated to employee health and wellbeing.

We are built to move and yet on average will spend almost 9 hours a day sitting down. Research compiled by Get Britain Standing has highlighted a multitude of issues that this sedentary lifestyle can lead to. Our excessive sitting has been linked with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and early death. This behaviour can also negatively affect our mental health. Although you may assume the opposite, sitting for too long reduces our energy and motivation levels and can lead to increased likelihood of anxiety and depression. It is not surprising therefore, that in 2017/2018 an estimated 6.6 million work days were lost due to health effects linked to this ‘sitting disease’.

This Friday 26th April we are supporting national ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day. This day aims to encourage employees to come together and participate in simple but effective activities to get them moving throughout the working day.

How to get involved:
• Sign up to the On Your Feet Britain – “Get up off that thing” This challenges employees to increase their activity through the day and convert their ‘sitting time’ into ‘standing time’. The ‘On Your Feet Britain’ website gives a few examples of how you could do this. These include:
– Using the stairs
– Eating your lunch away from your desk
– Get up and stand during phone calls
– Have walking meetings

• Estimate your hours of inactivity using the sitting calculator here: Get Britain Standing aims to increase awareness regarding the risks of sedentary lifestyles. Organised by this campaign in partnership with Active Working.

• Book a seminar from Active Working here:

Next steps:

If you’re interested in focusing on the Health & Wellbeing of your employees this year, then get in touch to find out how Stratton HR can create and help execute a plan for doing so. Or just follow us on LinkedIn and keep up to date with ideas and suggestions of how to improve your employee experience and make a positive impact on productivity within your business.

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